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School Policies

School Policies


Our teachers continue to receive professional development on the implementation of Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  Our staff believes that the implementation of CCSS will help us achieve an increase in college and career preparedness.


In order to meet the needs of students, we have created and implemented academic and behavioral pyramids of success.


Both of these pyramids are based on three tiers of support. Within Tier I of the academic pyramid, all students receive instruction in the core content. Teachers instruct students on grade level standards using a variety of methods and strategies to differentiate instruction and meet the individual needs of students. Within the core, students who need intensive instruction are placed in small groups, while those who require enrichment explore the content with greater depth and complexity. Over 80% of our students demonstrate success in Tier I.  The students who are not proficient in Tier I additionally attend Tier II intervention classes.  During Tier II, our Intervention Specialists provide intense, small group instruction to students using researched based programs.  The Tier III component of the pyramid is designed to replace core instruction.  At Northrup School, Tier I and Tier II currently meet the needs of students, and thereby, allow us to forfeit the Tier III program at this time.


Our behavioral pyramid is designed to meet the social emotional needs of our students.  This three-tiered pyramid is designed to focus on setting up appropriate interventions to make students successful in lieu of issuing punitive consequences.  We have numerous events and activities that encourage positive and responsible behaviors.  Students are consistently recognized for demonstrating positive behaviors within the classroom, community and among peers.  Pat-on-the-Back, Gladiator of the Month, and Honor Roll are the programs we have in place that encourage positive behaviors. A small percentage of students require other types of interventions as a means for correcting behaviors and encouraging positive choices.  Often time, students learn to make better choices by engaging in acts of community service. Community service gives students a means for demonstrating positive behaviors in lieu of receiving consequences that are momentary and have only a short-term impact.  


Both the academic and behavioral pyramids drive the Northrup School Community towards reaching the goal of preparing students to be successful.




It is important you keep us informed about your child when they are not in school. When your child is absent, please call the school office at 626-943-6620, to inform us of the reason for the absence each day they are not in attendance.


Please do your very best to make doctor appointments after school hours or on school holidays. Also, refrain from pulling your child out early from school as this is directly related to school attendance.


Note: Any tardy or "pull out"  from the school day is considered a temporary absence from school / tardy  and hence the student that is tardy or pulled from school cannot qualify for Perfect Attendance.


Homework Requests for Absent Students

Parents may request homework from the school front office for children who are absent by 9:30 a.m. The request will be given to the teacher(s). The assignments may be picked up at the office after school.

Gates and School Safety

In order to maintain safety for all students and staff, Northrup will continue the implementation of a secure and fully closed campus, which took effect November of 2012. The gates to the school are closed to ensure that visitors and volunteers sign in at the front office and wear an appropriate name tag.
I appreciate your support while we continue to work together to keep our children safe and supported.
Dr. Rosa Northcott



Student Drop-Off and Pick-up

Arrival: Students will report to the playground and line up by their designated teacher location by 7:55 daily. Playground supervision will begin at 7:30a.m., thirty minutes before school begins. Please do not have your child arrive before 7:30, as there will be no adult supervision on either playground until that time. Students will line up in their assigned area on the playground at 7:55. The tardy bell rings and school begins promptly at 8:00. Students are expected to be in their seats ready to learn by that time..


Dismissal: At dismissal time, teachers will walk their students to the front of the school, where parents will meet their children. We ask parents to wait by the cement area in the front of Atlantic Blvd. away from the gates, as there is greater space and visibility there. You may also wait by the gates on Curtis St. 


Traffic Flow: Parents driving students to and from school should follow the procedures of state law. The Parking Lot is for staff only. Please drive all the way forward in the drop off on Atlantic Blvd. Do not let your child out of the car until you are stopped at the edge of the curb. Please abide by the directions of our wonderful volunteers and staff. They are working hard to ensure safety of our children. Cars should never be left unattended at any time. If you need to enter the school campus front office for any reason, please park your car in a designated space on the street. Pay attention to the street signs for street cleaning schedules. Pedestrians should cooperate with our crossing guards, located by the crosswalk of Commonwealth and Curtis, Commonwealth and Atlantic Blvd, Mission and Atlantic Blvd. and demonstrate good citizenship and safety practices for our students.


Students who are required to take medication during school hours must be assisted by school personnel. No medication may be given at school without a Medication Authorization form completed by the physician detailing instructions for administration. This form may be picked up from the school Health Office. For safety reasons, an adult must bring the medication to the school office in the original container that the medication is dispensed. Children may never have medication in their possession at school. This includes aspirin, inhalers, cough drops, etc.